Live in Bannockburn and Need AC Repair or Replacement?

AC Repair or Replace,ment That is the Question

The most asked question our Air Conditioning & Heating technicians get is whether the HVAC system should be repaired or if it is time to replace it with a more energy efficient air conditioner. What people don’t consider is that even if they replace the old system, maintenance is still required with the new one. So, these are a few questions that should be answered, before you make the ultimate ac repair vs. replacement decision:

How Old Is Your HVAC AC System?

Is the system 10 years or older? If so, ac replacement might be the optimal solution. Regardless of how well it runs, it might be time for upgrading your system. The many changes the HVAC industry has gone through means a system this old is just too outdated and is most likely costing you money every month in increased energy costs.

What Is The Air Comfort Level In Your Home?

If it’s been a while since the last time your HVAC system was serviced, your system might be too large or too small for a room or the home. If this is the case, air circulation and control will suffer. The system will cycle on and off too quickly, meaning the home’s humidity levels will rise, but it won’t feel cooler. On the contrary, if you notice hot spots during the summer and cold spots during the winter in certain areas of the home, your system is probably too small. This means air isn’t properly venting or circulating through the home. It is imperative to make sure proper air temperature levels are consistent throughout the entire home.

Do You Have Astronomical Energy Bills?

If your system requires a great deal of energy to power it, it is too old. It needs more power to cool the entire home, causing energy bills to skyrocket. In some cases, it is simply a matter of replacing filters and more severe cases may require ac replacement services. Customers we’ve provided services for have reported 40 to 60% reduced energy bills once we installed new systems in their home.

Is There More Dust In Your Home Than Usual?

If dust levels are higher than usual, this indicates ducts are torn or might not be properly installed. Dust particles from the attic and other areas of the home are pulled into the duct, causing them to circulate dust particles in the home. When we perform ac repair, we check all ducts for possible leaks. And, more often than not, basic repair services allow us to repair those tears, so you won’t have to replace the entire system.

Does Your System Break Down Regularly?

Depending on the age of your HVAC system, high repair costs might be a concern, especially during periods of the year when high usage occurs. If a system is older and breaks down frequently, ac repair might not be the solution. It might be time for an ac replacement.

Interested in AC Repair rebates, tax incentives, and financing options?

If you need financing options to pay for your new AC system, our team at Ajax Air Conditioning & Heating offers a wide range of options for our customers. We will walk you through all current incentives and rebates you may qualify for, but to take full advantage of rebates, a new ac system does have to be purchased.

If you need further information on whether ac repair or ac replacement is the right option, give us a call today, and a dedicated member of our team will discuss your options with you.