About Our Bannockburn Illinois Air Conditioning & Heating Company


If you are looking for a team of HVAC professionals in the greater Bannockburn area that specializes in air conditioning and heating systems, Ajax Air Conditioning and Heating is the best in the business. Our team of professionals has years of experience and training in a range of heating and air conditioning repair, maintenance and installation services. Apart from our professional expertise, we are also fully dedicated to providing the best customer service in the business — we take our customers’ satisfaction very seriously.

Ajax Air Conditioning & Heating – An HVAC Company Where Reputation Matters!

We take pride in our clients and we believe the work we have done is the biggest testament to our professionalism and expertise. We are happy that we have a reputation of being the most cost efficient and reliable provider of HVAC solutions in the Bannockburn, IL area. Our mission is simple: provide the best possible heating and air conditioning services so that our clients’ homes and work environments are as comfortable as possible. Feel free to read our customer reviews and see why we have such a large base of satisfied clientele!

Unrivaled Heating and Air Conditioning Services Offered


Once you get to know the team behind Ajax Air Conditioning & Heating’s success, you’ll see what makes us different from our competitors. We don’t just repair faulty HVAC systems — we are dedicated to offering the best possible service and leaving our customers satisfied and happy for the long term. Our technicians are fully attentive to your needs and will spend the necessary time to address any of the possible issues you might have with your furnace and air conditioner service needs.

Most HVAC technicians in the Bannockburn, IL area try to get the job done as quickly as possible, leaving you with a recurring problem or an incomplete visit most of the time. Our dedication and reliability is what makes us trustworthy and what will leave you feeling satisfied about the service that you paid for.

Professional Bannockburn Heating & Cooling Services Using the Best Equipment


At Ajax Air Conditioning & Heating, you can be sure we are using state of the art HVAC equipment to offer you the best possible air conditioning and heating services. Whatever the job at stake, you can be sure that we have the tools to leave you in awe of our services!

Our HVAC services are available 24/7 so whatever the time or day, we are fully at your disposal. Whether you are looking for a short consultation or you are having a heating or air conditioning emergency, one of our HVAC professionals will be available to assist you. Rest assured that we are committed to offering the best and most cost effective HVAC service in the Bannockburn, IL area. For further information or a free consultation on any of your heating and air conditioning needs, please feel free to contact us at (847) 232-6820.